Media Experience

Over my career, I have appeared on a number of radio and TV programs and given interviews to magazines and newspapers.  I have also given lectures, workshops, and presentations to both professional and lay audiences. Frequent topics include eating disorders, obesity, weight management, bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, body image, adult attention deficit disorder, anger problems, anxiety, and other behavioral health topics such as getting and staying motivated for success.

Several recent examples of presentations I have made are shown below:

  • Western Surgery Association
  • Presentation on “Getting and Staying Motivated for Change”
  • November 4, 2015


  • National Eating Disorders Association
  • NEDA Conference 2011
  • October 13-15, 2011


  • Renfrew Center Foundation Conference
  • November 11-13, 2011


  • The ANAD Mid-West Conference in Oakbrook, IL
  • May 2011



Lose Weight, Live Healthy

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